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Physical entity

  • Registration (re-registration) of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (registration of limited liability company, individual entrepreneurs and private enterprise that are the most appropriate forms for small and medium businesses) and all associated legal procedures, including execution of the founding documents, decisions on establishment, filling in the registration cards, execution of the charters, representing before the state registration authorities, before the notary;
  • Registration of real estate in the Register of proprietary rights to real estate;
  • Registration in State tax service and in other governmental agencies;
  • Formalization of the corporate interests transfers;
  • Legal support of opening the bank account
  • Legal advising regarding the choose of the optimal taxation system, obtaining necessary certificates, references and other documents;
  • Liquidation (dissolution) of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
  • Preventive support and protection of your entity during the inspections of the controlling authorities (challenging actions and decisions of the controlling authorities in the court;
  • Legal settlement of the tax decisions (notification) and disputing them;
  • Representing client’s interests before the state enforcement bodies (support of the enforcement proceeding);
  • Representing client’s interests within civil, economic and administrative court proceedings (drafting the lawsuits, objections, appeals, cassations, motions, enquiries, etc.);
  • Preparing and execution of the technical documentation and documents necessary for sale and purchase (execution of the ownership title) of the land plots;
  • Subscription legal services;
  • And much more services for physical entities;

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  • Laws are like spiders' webs which, if the weak one falls into them they ensnare him, but the strong one breaks through and escape

  • Ignorance of the law excuses no man. Not that all men know the law.

    Stanislav Lem
  • There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.

    - Charles de Montesquieu